How I Found Jschlatt's Base on 2b2t

Sep 11, 2021
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Today on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, I'll discuss how I found Jschlatt's Base on 2b2t, and show his reaction to my sudden appearance!
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My Instagram: fitmcsippycup
homieonice (Instagram)
M&L: Paper Jam
Additional 2b2t Footage/Information:
leijurv (Visuals, heatmaps)
Amin0Acid (Screenshots)
Thumbnail Render: xcc2

If you enjoyed learning about how I found Jschlatt's Base on 2b2t, I would appreciate if you would consider hitting that like and subscribe button! Finding Schlatt's base was not exactly easy. Well, for the Nerds, not for me, lol
A tale 3 years in the making is not exactly a speedrun.
2b2t is currently awaiting the 1.16/1.17/1.18 update. Very exciting times!


    jschlattLIVEjschlattLIVE12 days ago
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      Imran HossainImran Hossain9 days ago
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      Imran HossainImran Hossain9 days ago
  • Hey fitmc i just join 2b2t and i need loot pls

    FirasatGamezFirasatGamez3 hours ago
  • You should do a video about all the special items you have gathered over the years Things like Etikas shield.

    Alex SwiftAlex Swift5 hours ago
  • can you pls help me when i join ;)

    Gianluigi DeSimoneGianluigi DeSimone10 hours ago
  • 4:16 fit... you... that music hits me so bad... I miss Mario and Luigi Paper Jam....

    Chanceux's Stick FigureChanceux's Stick Figure14 hours ago
    • Same

      xPARTY BOT3000xxPARTY BOT3000x8 hours ago
  • Damn I wonder what else fit does for a living. If he just does yt ever week, he has it made

    Trent OscarTrent Oscar14 hours ago
  • Bro this comment section is full of verified accounts and the legend himself, Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    ScoutScout17 hours ago
  • I wish fitmc used the downloaded world and griefed it and showed it to jschlatt

    DionDion22 hours ago
  • How did the people that made nocom know it was schlatt if it was an alt?

    tobias Was heretobias Was hereDay ago
  • 'The oldest anarchy server' - FitMC

    parrotplaysparrotplaysDay ago
  • I like how he says ow in game like he felt that. lol

    Zachary TeibelZachary TeibelDay ago
  • 0:23 I remember building that!

    Steam DhdhdSteam DhdhdDay ago
  • Looks so good

    maeve donnellymaeve donnellyDay ago
  • ah yes the paper jam sound track

    DazzlingDazzlingDay ago

    E3dWin0E3dWin0Day ago
  • hey fit if u use impact i think u can fly without rocket i cazn do it in 9b9t

    william1hus twitch livewilliam1hus twitch liveDay ago
  • its wierd how fitmc videos and 2b2t turns me into something different than i have used to be

    nurisnurisDay ago
    • @william1hus twitch live they made me like to be bad guy=griefer and i have plans to create somekind griefer group but normal joining just takes forever to 2b2t

      nurisnurisDay ago
    • nice

      william1hus twitch livewilliam1hus twitch liveDay ago

    Light weapons guyLight weapons guy2 days ago
  • 9:30 “ that’s a lot of deez”

    The DocThe Doc2 days ago
  • In some alternate reality... Jschlatt uploaded: How I Found FitMC's Base on 3b3t

    PhlyingVPhlyingV2 days ago
  • It’s too bad it’s only a matter of time until someone gets some really powerful hacks and nuke the server

    BucketBucket2 days ago
  • i play you may not know me but im ninja from fortnight

    AltAlt2 days ago
  • crum

    Nathan RyanNathan Ryan2 days ago
  • My bday on 24 sept 2 days yay

    Anu_BoiAnu_Boi2 days ago
    • almost!!! happy belated b-day. hope you have an amazing time!

      Tim SzaboTim Szabo14 hours ago
  • Is this the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft?, Did i tune in the correct channel?

    - Exodia- Exodia2 days ago
  • Can you show how to to leave spawn as a new player? No hidden E chests, no friends to give you stuff or protect you, and in Vinilla if possible (probably isn't)

    G TrivetteG Trivette2 days ago
  • fit looks like jhonny sins if he tries hard enough

    SomedumbguySomedumbguy2 days ago
  • they took shlatt's hair. can't have shit in detroit

    BabyFoxotiBabyFoxoti2 days ago
  • Schlatt's rod LMFAO

    Yohanne Ludwig QuezonYohanne Ludwig Quezon2 days ago
  • i wonder how many other famous mc ytubers have bases or play on 2b2t secretly just makes you wonder

    Ken Adam FukuyamaKen Adam Fukuyama3 days ago
  • Wtf is crum

    Mini FagMini Fag3 days ago
  • Your videos always give me comfort when I'm in dark times fit have for a couple years now. Today I'm watching them to distract myself my brother took his own life today and im in a very dark spot. Please to anyone reading this check on your friends, family, loved ones, give them a extra hug and enjoy the seconds you get. Please fit if you can give a shoutout to awareness of depression and suicide if you see this comment it would mean a great deal just to get the reach out there and help people in their time of need helping just one person in some way even. Hope you all take the time with your loved ones.

    KswitchKswitch3 days ago
  • The oldest anarchy server in Minecraft

    ÑêūtrålîzédÑêūtrålîzéd3 days ago
  • is theis minecrat

    PinkSpamPinkSpam3 days ago
    • Its 2b2t

      R.ItsNews McpeR.ItsNews Mcpe2 days ago
  • Spawn surrounded by obsidian wall mine all minable blocks out of spawn then all source block lava up to spawn height let it flow to bedrock

    Natsu SteampawNatsu Steampaw3 days ago

    Legends4LifeBro _Legends4LifeBro _3 days ago
  • i will lift to this to even to my arms hirt {the reasion i am doing this cus i want to beat some ones ass at my high school not saying else [for priviscy reasions]} sorry for the spelling its hard to move my arms

    bill billbill bill3 days ago
    • i could only make it this far 7:26

      bill billbill bill3 days ago
  • Just a question if you have enough subscribers that want to go to 2b2t will it cause an incursion war? But this time you're on the opposing side?

    Ke-enKe-en3 days ago

    Altrix   Altrix 3 days ago
  • "crum"? "CRUM"? Aw, man! Now that's all I can think about!!!

    William etc. CookWilliam etc. Cook3 days ago
  • “The way I got his coordinates were actually quite complicated” “Nerds incorporated just gave me the coords when I asked”

    Evan CaplenaEvan Caplena3 days ago
  • We could make a whole anime series with this.

    serry ciokserry ciok3 days ago
  • What’s the server called to play on mobile for iOS and Android

    Isaiah VelezIsaiah Velez3 days ago
    • where do i go to sign up for priority access on 2b2t, i haven't been able to get into the world cause of que

      serry ciokserry ciok3 days ago
  • LOP

    nubify1nubify13 days ago

    RAW gamesRAW games3 days ago
  • by saying "Christian"

    No MinimumNo Minimum3 days ago
  • At first they were all like "That's dangrious this power isnt for mortal men!" then i was like "Yeah but it's for a prank bro." and then they were like "K"

    Lord_borgothLord_borgoth3 days ago
  • What a dead server

    Feakin pfftFeakin pfft4 days ago
  • When I saw Schlatt use cheats on the Epic SMP and they were advanced I had a feeling he was playing on 2b2t

    Chawk GamingChawk Gaming4 days ago
  • Kpopbob

    ItsCodeStorm PHItsCodeStorm PH4 days ago
  • Leave my base alone, please.

    WadesCraftWadesCraft4 days ago

    Yamen YamenYamen Yamen4 days ago
  • FitMC: Do not google crum Everyone:

    Imcha FishyImcha Fishy4 days ago
  • wow

    TameemTameem4 days ago
  • Find phil

    Sanko'eSanko'e4 days ago
  • Confirmed, FITMC is SwaggerSouls. The voice was the tip and this is the total throw of the hat

    Trevor MuncyTrevor Muncy4 days ago
  • 2b2t reminds me of Fortnite events except the players create the events themeselves lol

    Peace UnrealPeace Unreal4 days ago
  • Be my narrator

    Hios CrewHios Crew4 days ago
  • where do i go to sign up for priority access on 2b2t, i haven't been able to get into the world cause of que

    Truck driverTruck driver4 days ago
  • I'm really interested to see if the 2b2t will update to 1.18 at some point and how the expanded limits will effect the server.

    Cullens WorkshopCullens Workshop4 days ago
  • Literally everything comes back to itristan

    Thunder BananasThunder Bananas4 days ago
  • I want to see Schlatt and Techno running rampant in 2b2t... That would be the best Minecraft thing ever made

    hen kohen ko4 days ago
  • OMG OCD Is when you have to repeat something over and over again for no reason it has nothing to do with organization

    Ellis the aiEllis the ai4 days ago
    • Hrvrje djdbdjvrhr

      hen kohen ko4 days ago
  • i didnt even know jshlatt played 2b2t

    ExentrikHDExentrikHD4 days ago

    SynnKSynnK4 days ago
  • Slime 4 schlattt

    k dotk dot4 days ago
  • “Don’t google crum” Alright I won’t Edit: I googled crum

    The Amazing SpyThe Amazing Spy4 days ago
  • what a disgusting voice, it sounds like an egoistic "AlphaM" type channel voice

    Frederick PintoFrederick Pinto5 days ago
  • We do a small amount of tomfoolery

    FIERCE DeDeDeFIERCE DeDeDe5 days ago
  • bruh wot

    Alex PowleyAlex Powley5 days ago
  • Ayo- 😥😣😥😥😣😣😎😣😎😥😎😣😎😣😎😥😎😣😎

    VanillaVanilla5 days ago
  • Love the NoCom thing in the start

    MR. CodderMR. Codder5 days ago
  • that's a decent amount of deez in one sentence

    Tom MiddletonTom Middleton5 days ago

    Project 101Project 1015 days ago
  • You sound like ranboo but nice

    Te_eTe_e5 days ago
  • Remind me of early builds, Lovely!

    Léo VillantLéo Villant5 days ago

    coyotelordcoyotelord5 days ago
  • Ammm sorry cram Definition of "crum" [crum] "Crumb, or crum, in case you didnt know, is slang for p**** and also, in some circles, slang for whats left of a womans cake after shes already given a slice to someone else." Do not take this seriously 😸😸😸 pls...

  • Hrvrje djdbdjvrhr

    Laura TacderanLaura Tacderan5 days ago
  • jSchallats base JSchllat is The enemy of TOMMYINNIT AT DREAM SMP

    Laura TacderanLaura Tacderan5 days ago
  • 2M subs

    Sebas B.Sebas B.5 days ago
  • it's called we do a little trolling

    PhantomPhazePhantomPhaze5 days ago
  • Fit be like “i saw him walk by a flower and that flower looked specific I have seen that red flower somewhere before 🤣”

    Kid wolfKid wolf5 days ago
  • what client are you using??

    TheGamingGamerTheGamingGamer5 days ago
    • Future client

      uncle tobyuncle toby5 days ago
  • Fit can u do Roblox histoy vidies

    CARMEN RodriguezCARMEN Rodriguez5 days ago
  • I was thinking a couple days ago while I was smoking on some Gorilla glue, what if Fit IS HAUSEMASTER.

    Yung BruhYung Bruh5 days ago
  • What client does fit use?

    Ethan AugustEthan August5 days ago
    • futureclient

      Banana VeyBanana Vey5 days ago
  • Just when I thought 2b2t couldn't get any better, now Jschlatt is in the actual server

    Just Some Guy without a MustacheJust Some Guy without a Mustache5 days ago
    • Dude everywhere I go I see u

      Ninnin BaneNinnin BaneHour ago
    • MASTER

      BlueMaxBlueMax6 hours ago
    • Amogus

      AmogusAmogus3 days ago
    • Your everywhere

      DxryxDxryx5 days ago
  • I think I saw fit in nyc

    Dave 153Dave 1535 days ago
  • 6:09

    SlimefulSlimeful5 days ago
  • This man straight moused over those diamond blocks.

    AlistairDanteAlistairDante5 days ago
  • ima google crum

    Silence BulletSilence Bullet5 days ago
  • If all these chunks are already generated...whats the point of updating to 1.16?

    Tyrel68Tyrel685 days ago
    • There are still thousands of ungenerated chunks on 2b2t

      YukioYukio5 days ago
  • 0:27 pov: you just said facial hair.

    a very grumpy cat why not?a very grumpy cat why not?5 days ago
  • The Oldest Anarchy Server in Minecraft

  • Actually tho, how did they know that was Schlatt's alt?

    NecroNovaNecroNova5 days ago
  • hmmm Amin0Acid?

    ItsAmineXDItsAmineXD5 days ago
  • 8:05 me looks it up anyway

    Vortex YtVortex Yt6 days ago
  • The massive owo still being there pains me.

    foxydapirate 09foxydapirate 096 days ago